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Welcome to Omeida!

Are you ready to learn Chinese? Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture! We pride ourselves on offering high quality, tailored Chinese courses. You can learn Chinese at your own pace! Our experienced Chinese teachers are passionate about helping you to reach your goals! We offer from beginner level to advanced level options.
Just look at our wide variety of Chinese courses.

Dive into the intensive course load covering the fundamental aspects of how to learn Chinese.

Learn Chinese through the standard course load option and you can also add a cultural class of your choice.

An exciting all-inclusive program for children from around the world, an opportunity to learn Chinese!

Would you like to learn Chinese Part-time and explore the beautiful environment, this course is for you!

Omeida’s HSK preparation course is designed to equip you for all elements of the HSK exam.

We offer you the opportunity to learn Chinese in the comfort of your own home, online!

At Omeida we take care of all your needs!

Here you will be in safe hands, Yangshuo is an excellent place to live and learn Chinese. With many local and international cuisines, variety of accommodation options and many activities to explore and immerse yourself in the Chinese culture!

We offer a variety of different rooms for you, all our options are spacious, clean rooms, 2-10 minute walk, air conditioning, heating, internet access and fully furnished!

We serve authentic Chinese meals in the canteen on campus from Monday to Friday. There is a large variety of food for you to choose from. Alternatively, Western cuisine readily available in Yangshuo!

We offer many different student activities to cultivate an exciting student life. We want you to be immersed in the Chinese culture while you study with us.


Our past students can testify of our great service and the fun they had in Yangshuo

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