About Omeida Chinese Academy

Omeida Chinese Academy is a Chinese school which provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to study Chinese whilst experiencing and being immersed in Chinese culture.

Omeida Chinese Academy Staff - Chinese Language School


Our Chinese language teachers are all college graduates with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and have prior experience in teaching Chinese. The difference between us and other schools is we guarantee you will be taught by a professional teacher and not just a native speaker.

Our staff has been professionally trained on how to break-down Chinese into simple, learnable segments to all skill levels, ages, and learning types. The courses offered at Omeida Chinese Academy are very flexible and personal.


Omeida has two schools: a Chinese school for foreigners and an English school for native Chinese students. The two schools live and study on the same campus, allowing for endless opportunities for interaction and cooperation. This serves as an excellent bridge for enthusiastic students to meet and help one another comprehend each other’s native language.

Though each school focuses on a different language, both are filled with students that share a common goal and have the skills to help one another meet that goal.

Omeida Chinese Students
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To even further encourage interaction between English and Chinese school, we’ve developed a “language partner program” which provides our students with free, 1-on-1 tutoring with native Chinese speakers learning English. It’s an excellent time to get help with your homework, review core concepts of the days lessons or simply hangout and practice your Chinese.

Our Vision

To form a community by cultivating an environment for students to immerse themselves

in the Chinese Culture.