Student feedback

Our students feedback is very important to us as we are proud of the service we provide for them! In fact, we see that the relationship with our students is more personal than that of most other colleges.

Omeida is definitely one of the best language schools in China! The teachers all speak fluent English and are very flexible, so you can focus on the parts of Chinese you're really interested in! The partnership with the English school for Chinese students also give you a great chance to practice your Chinese and meet new friends!
The Chinese lessons are very good: challenging but also an interesting great place to learn Chinese and a very beautiful one. I really liked Yangshuo! It's a small but very interesting town with many tourists coming from all over china and from western countries. I didn't know any Chinese when I arrived there and I was surprised how fast I had learned!
New Zealand
My wife and I studied Mandarin here for two weeks prior to venturing further off the beaten track in mainland China. It was a quick two weeks but well worth it! The teachers are well engaged and the learning environment is excellent. We made many new friends here as well. It's definitely a must do if you are wanting to learn the language!
I started at Omeida with a very basic understanding of pronunciation, tones, and everyday phrases. Almost everyone I've met has been highly positive about the quality of the teachers and their Chinese progress. The teachers put a lot of effort into tailoring their teaching style so that the challenge was appropriate for the student.
Yangshuo is a wonderful place to learn Chinese and there are so many activities you can do during your free time, like renting a bike, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, clubbing and so on. Omeida is a great school with nice people and very good teachers. They support you in every situation around. I can totally recommend Omeida!
I had studied on my own and knew some basics, but it was so much better to sit in a small class with knowledgeable teachers! One of my favorite things about Omeida was being paired with a language partner. This exchange of languages really helped me to improve my verbal communication, as well as make lots of new friends!
Omeida school is unbelievable, you feel at home, you feel relaxed and safe. You know that they will take care of everything, they give you good tips and excellent Chinese education. Studying here is like being at school and in the holiday simultaneously! So my advice is: if you want to have the time of your life come here in Yangshuo come to Omeida
I love the location of Omeida being surrounded by those iconic spire mountains. When I had time to bike around, I went off into the hills and villages. Such beautiful landscape. The teachers and staff at the school are superb. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and it felt like home. I will miss their warm hearts and big smiles. I was definitely speaking more Mandarin than I thought I would by the time I left. If I had stayed one more month, I would have become very conversant. I had to work hard, no doubt, but the encouragement helped, too."
The Omeida team is composed of a group of Chinese teachers all very efficient and helpful. We had fun together (ride a bicycle, go swimming, have a meal, speak Chinese and cook French dishes!). Each person brought me a different experience and I learn from each of them about their culture. They are all devoted and passionate about their teaching. It was a pleasure to be part of their student. Regarding the environment, it's a great place if you like nature and sport or want to enjoy life far from big cities. Yangshuo is full of places to visit and things to do. I will remember for a long time my trip in Omeida.