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San Yue San

The third day of the third month of thelunar calendar is called “San yue san Folk Song Festival” 三(sān)月(yuè)三(sān)民(mín)歌(gē)节(jié)in Guangxi广(guǎng)西(xī) province. Guangxi people…
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Fly Kites

During Qingming festival 清(qīng)明(míng)节(jié)people fly kites to honor their ancestors. Once they are flying high in the sky the tradition is to cut…
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Chinese Tea Culture

What is the Tea Culture Class?   This is our Tea Culture Class. This class is taught by Mr. Huang who is the…
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Chinese Qingming Festival

Do you know what Qingming Festival is? Or what Chinese people do during this traditional festival? This month our Culture Class learnt about…
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