What does the Calligraphy course entail?

If you want to learn how to write Chinese, our Calligraphy & Chinese Program is a course that allows you to tap into Chinese Culture on a different level. This program offers you the opportunity to learn a new skill, in the form of a traditional Chinese art either in the morning or afternoon. The other half of day will be spent learning Chinese at Omeida Chinese Academy.

In the language department, we teach you the four fundamental aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing of Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters while helping you focus more on practicing conversations. These skills are integrated and taught simultaneously.

As a student, you will have three, 45-minute long Chinese language lessons per day. That is a total of 15 lessons a week.

The day is divided into 3 classes either in the morning from 9:25-12 noon or in the afternoon from 2-4:35 pm. The other session will be divided into two 45 minute sessions of Calligraphy.

The curriculum is a set program covering the basics of the Mandarin language.

Your course can begin on any Monday, at any time of the year.