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Han Fu

Han Fu 汉服 This Wednesday, we had a culture class about Han Fu,  according to "Dictionary of Old Chinese Clothing" , the term…
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XingPing Cruise

Last Saturday, students in Chinese academy went to XingPing cruising. XingPing, 25 kilometers northeast of YangShuo, is located on the eastern bank of…
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Trip to Husband Mountain

Why We Were Here? It was a great wheaher so the Omeida team planned a trip to climb Husband Mountain (相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān))…
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Fishing Festival

Every month everyone at Omeida, including students, staff and teachers, get together for dinner. This month was a bit different because it was…
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Chongqing Hot Pot

In River Town, the author Peter Hessler not just delineates an abundance of characters in Chongqing but uses several chapters to describe its Hot…
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Cooking sweet dumplings

A Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival last week, we were invited to Shuiliu village, Gaotian town, Yangshuo having an unforgettable festival with the locals. 四毛 and…
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Yangshuo Fun Run 2016

Applications to join the 2016 Yangshuo Fun Run is now closed and thank you to everyone who have participated or donated! During the…
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