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How to say 12 months in Chinese (I)

一 (One) + 月 (Moon) = 一月 [literally] (One Moon); (January) We’ll start with January, of course! To write the month in Chinese,…
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Study in China | How to Prepare

Studying in China has become very popular among foreigners, and there’s good reason for it. With China’s growing economy and business opportunities, some…
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20 Common Chinese Phrases

If you're on a short trip to China and need to learn some survival Chinese phrases, these probably aren't the phrases for you.…
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Learn Mandarin Chinese – Language Apps Vs. Mandarin Schools

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate showdown of Chinese Language Apps vs. Mandarin Schools! Both contestants are fighting to reign as your…
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How To Make Chinese Dumplings

This Wednesday, our school organized an activity to make the ultimate traditional Chinese food- Dumplings. These include dough, used to roll the skins.…
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Basic Chinese – 10 Easy Sentences for Beginners

Whether you just need survival Mandarin for a trip in China, or are a beginner learning the building blocks of basic Chinese, these…
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Cultural Class-Geography of China

This Wednesday, the Chinese Academy held a cultural class about the geography of China. Chinese teacher Rose talked about the diversity of landscapes,…
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Lao Zhai Mountain Trip

This Saturday, our Chinese Academy went to Xing Ping for the hiking and river rafting. We climbed up Lao Zhai Mountain, which is…
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Can I Learn Chinese On My Own?

Can I learn Chinese on my own? Learning Chinese on your own is definitely possible, but it depends on what you mean by…
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Yangshuo Tea Plantation

Last Saturday, our Chinese Academy went to a tea plantation to experience tea leaves picking and to learn about tea culture. We went…
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