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Chinese New Year: Yulong River and Hot Pot

The afternoon of the first day of the Chinese New Year, the tradition requires a visit to relatives and ancestors but for obvious…
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Chinese New Year: dinner and shousui

Today is the day before Chinese New Year and for New Year's Eve the tradition involves a dinner with family and relatives, in…
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Chinese New Year: Myth and tradition

The afternoon is dedicated to foreign students because the object of the lesson is myth and traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations. China…
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Chinese New Year: At the Market

During Chinese New Year celebrations, Omeida Language College has organized a few activities for both Chinese and foreigner students to celebrate the arrival…
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Chinese dumplings

Chinese Dumplings are Chinese traditional food. They are one of the main dishes eaten during the Chinese New Year celebrations and year-round in the northern…
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Fishing Festival

Every month everyone at Omeida, including students, staff and teachers, get together for dinner. This month was a bit different because it was…
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Folk Activity

In China we have a lot of traditional games that we used to play during our childhood. At Omeida our international students learned…
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Trip to Xingping

Xingping is a town located in the northeast of Yangshuo county, 25 kilometers away from Yangshuo. Xingping has developed more than 50 industries such…
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Omeida Anniversary

In 2001, Omeida was founded in Yangshuo, and since then 16 springs and summers have passed. On this special weekend, we have our…
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Reading Competition

What is reading? In order to read you must speak the words out otherwise people can not understand what you want to communicate.…
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