Omeida Chinese Academy organized another dinner at Chunji Roast Duck. Group dinners are a great time for teachers and students to get together.If you’re ready for a truly local experience, look no further than Chunji Roast Goose. No surprises here: this Cantonese restaurant serves exactly what it says in its name. Done in a style reminiscent of Beijing duck, the geese are roasted in a charcoal oven, until the skin is crispy and the meat deliciously succulent. A quarter of goose comfortably serves two people. Good, local food in China often comes with a noisy environment, and that’s true here, so be prepared to share your table with others, or come early to avoid the crowds. Although the waitstaff do their utmost to serve everyone, few of them speak more than a few words of English. We also recommend trying durian cakes. While the fruit may be an acquired taste, it’s a popular and traditional dish for locals.Cheap, yummy, clean, friendly and vast dining space. what more can you ask for? We especially love the roasted goose, durian deserts and dried pumpkin with salty eggs. Join us for the next class dinner, at Omeida Chinese Academy!