Think Chinese quizzes would be boring? Think again! Our funny quizzes are far from boring, instead they are extremely fun and exciting, not to mention educational! Our studens Eyal and Amir are giving us a quiz about chinese culture.Have fun with your friends while you all learn the Chinese language, and find out which Chinese word you would be if you were to be a Chinese word that is! Never get tired of these exceptionally symbolic Chinese quizzes!The people of China speak the language of Chinese, one of the hardest languages to learn. Chinese writing is far different than most writing we are used to, instead of words; they use symbols and pictures, making it one of the most creative languages of the world! Are you fluent in Chinese? Do you love the language? Would you like to learn more? Take these Chinese quizzes, written in English, but you can learn new words while you score yourself on these fun, educational quizzes!

In February of 1979, what country did 300,000 Chinese troops invade? Who did Apple remove from its “Think Different” ad campaign in Hong Kong, so they would not offend China? The animal that is the source of cashmere, a soft wool, is what? Victoria, Cheshire, Poland China, and Berkshire, are breeds of what animal? Do you know all the answers to these questions?Students were dancing in circles to practice and demonstrate how to dance in Chinese style.
China produces 66% of the world’s garlic, 15 billion pounds in 2009. Next are South Korea 6%, India 5%, and the USA 2.5%.There are 120 million internet users in China; but not everyone can contact all websites.China is the source of 68% of the worlds “pirated” goods.The hog, swine, or pig, was first domesticated almost 10,000 years ago in China.20% of the world’s population lives in China.Twenty percent of China’s plants are used in medicine. Get to know all the interesting facts from Chinese Quiz, come to Chinese Academy.