Folk culture is often cited as against elite culture. While elite culture represents the high-end accomplishments of a nation, often in the form of fine arts, philosophy, literature, etc. created by outstanding, talented people, folk culture is the collective achievements of the nation’s entire population. As the Birmingham School of Cultural Studies asserts, culture is the way of life of the ordinary people. In this sense, folk culture is more meaningful than elite. It is the fundamental element and gene of Chinese culture.

We talked about 跳皮筋 and 跳房子, which are rubber band dancing and skip houses. China boasts numerous interesting and eye-dazzling folk sports with long history such as Dragon Dance, Flying Skites, Chinese Chess, Tug-of-war. They embodied the intelligence of Chinese people and shed light on its profound culture.ti

跳皮筋 is an activity that requires lots of fitness and sense of balance, especially when the rubber band was up to your waist, how are you gonna manage to jump over the fence, haha.

Striking the sticks is another interesting activity. A whole bunch of sticks is scattered around the table, and people suppose to pick or flick one without touch others or making other sticks move, you lose if they move. Catching the stone is another common folk activity we play as kids, the trick is to catch as many stones as you can at the same time while you flip them onto the sky, and catch them when they fall. Teacher Vivian claims to be an expert in catching stones, and she looks like a superwoman or based on most students’ description, a spider man. hahaRolling iron circle require lots of skills and balance as well. the trick is to push the iron circle all the way on across the floor without letting it fall.