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Chinese and cultural experience

Chinese Mandarin Language Courses and Classes

We offer a variety of high-quality Chinese courses. We are a Chinese language school focused on helping you to learn to speak Chinese. We create an environment for you to be fully immersed in the Chinese culture. Below you can choose the right Chinese course to suit your needs. 

Intensive Chinese

This Chinese course covers the fundamental aspects of the Chinese language. This is an intensive Chinese course to help you learn to speak Chinese quickly!

Standard Chinese + Culture Class

Through this Chinese course we give you the best of both worlds with Mandarin language for half a day cultural immersion for the other half!

Summer Camp Program

This Chinese course is aimed at kids and teenagers from various nationalities, an opportunity to make learning Chinese fun and easy!

Part-time Chinese

Our Chinese Part-time Program is a 6 month or 1-year program for people who would like to learn to speak Chinese on a part-time basis.

HSK Test Preparation Course

Omeida’s HSK test preparation course is designed to equip you for all elements of the HSK test. We guarantee you will pass your exam!

Online Chinese

Imagine sitting in the comfort-ability of your own home and learning Chinese, well, this Chinese course make it possible! Professional private tutoring.