Intensive Chinese Course

Do you want to learn Chinese in China and you are looking for the perfect place? Look no further! Omeida Chinese Academy offers you an intensive course package, that will turn you into a pro in no time!

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So you say you want to
speak Chinese

Are you a business manager or an entrepreneur that has an interest in International trade and you have discovered an opportunity? You have the mind of a hard worker, you can see your success on the horizon. There is just one piece missing, you need to speak Mandarin, right?

Or maybe you are an Expat in China and you have some time on your hands. You want to cram as much Chinese into four weeks as you can? You are at the right place!

This course will give you
a head start!

If you are interested in increasing your level of Mandarin quickly in a short period of time then this intensive Chinese course is for you. You are given the support and resources to open your mind to understanding how the Mandarin language was constructed.

You are bound to excel with nearly five hours of class each day! Before you know it Mandarin will be rolling off your tongue like a waterfall!

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Intensive Chinese

30 lessons / week

Look at all the benefits you get when you enroll for the
all inclusive Intensive Chinese course!


Shared Twins Bedroom with a native Chinese roommate, so you can practice as much as possible out of class & make friends easily. 2-5 minutes walk from school.


  • bedding/blankets
  • 24hr hot water
  • air-conditioning/heating
  • internet access
  • free use of washing machine

Alternatively a private room is available for
100-250RMB extra per week


At Omeida we have a canteen where all the students enjoy a meal together. You will be invited to this as it is traditional for everyone to sit together at meal times.

We serve authentic Chinese meals from Monday to Friday, including vegetables, meat, rice and soup. Lunch is at 12pm and dinner is at 6pm. Alternatively, there are also many Western restaurants to choose from nearby in Yangshuo!



We will provide you with any tool necessary to achieve your study goals. This includes textbooks and learning materials.

The textbooks we provide you contain all the content we cover in class. You can keep the books afterwards so you can revise what you have learned.

This ensures you can gain confidence as well as peace of mind.

Language Partner

We offer you the amazing language partner service so you can practice your Mandarin after class (5:00-6:00 pm on weeknights). We offer this service at no extra cost to you, totally for free!

Language partner is usually arranged on the first Monday or Tuesday after arrival. Your language partner can show you around town to places such as the supermarket and West Street so that you know where to buy all the necessities. SIM card, dumplings, toilet paper etc.

A great way to immerse yourself in the culture right away!

Cultural Immersion

Twice a month, on Wednesday nights we have a very exciting Cultural Class, hosted by a different guest speaker every time. You will have the chance to learn about Chinese traditions or try some incredible food variations, calligraphy painting, traditional Chinese musical instruments, Tai Chi.

On Thursday evenings we have a social night where we connect with the students at the English school and take part in events like BBQ, cocktails nights, competitions, and games.

On Saturdays, we arrange fantastic outdoor trips to places like the tea plantations, sunrise viewpoints or rice fields!


This course includes full Visa assistance to make the Visa process as smooth as syrup!

We are here to support any needs you may have. From arranging transport to helping you wash laundry and directing you to the bank.

The staff at Omeida are all fluent in English so you won’t feel misunderstood. We believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, so if you have anything you are unsure about take a look at our FAQ page or feel free to ask! We love hearing from you!

What does a typical day at
Omeida Chinese Academy looks like?


If you have any questions be sure to check out our
FAQ page or feel free to send us your question.


Help others, help yourself! We require that the volunteers provide some sort of regular service for the school. This is an opportunity to serve the community or showcase some of your talents and skills. The volunteer option provides students with the same all-inclusive package, except volunteers receive a discount on tuition costs and are completely exempt from the standard housing costs.

Volunteer in China - Intensive Chinese Course