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We offer you the opportunity to learn Chinese

in the comfort of your own home with our Online Chinese Course!

In the comfort
of your home

Are you interested in taking an online Chinese course, with your own computer, in your own space at your own pace? Maybe you do not have the opportunity to come to China?

Perhaps you are full-time employed and are unable to leave work, but you have some spare time in the evening? Or maybe you have to prepare for a HSK test and you want to run through a few things before hand?

This course will

If you would like to have online Chinese lessons with one of our highly qualified Mandarin teachers, this course is geared towards you. We’ll help you increase your level of Mandarin at your own pace with the help of a private tutor.

You are given the support and the resources to open your mind to understanding how the Mandarin language works.

Laptop - online Chinese course


We bring the class to your home or office by using our ClassIn software program. All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection.

Our online Chinese course is fully customizable. Choose the time that works best for you whether it’s on a weekday or during the weekend!

Save money by cutting down the travel expenses! Choose the level of intensity of your studies and customize it to suit your budget.

This course is tailored to your needs, if you would like to apply for the Online Chinese Course or find out the cost information please send us an email with your specific requirements, or you can fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

COURSE Features

anytime, anywhere

At home, at work, or at a café – you choose! As long as you have a laptop and a good, stable network connection you’re all set! 

high quality

With a well-designed module that can be customized to your liking, we provide a high-quality means of learning Chinese online.

live and interactive

Learning online has never been easier! We provide a relaxing environment to help you build confidence and become fluent in Chinese through our interactive online classes.

full support

We have years of experience assisting students from all around the world. We are more than happy to help you answer any questions you might have. 


We also offer private lessons as per your requirements, so that you will enjoy learning the topics you are interested in and at your speed.

certified teachers

Our teachers are all certified language teachers with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and prior Chinese language teaching experience.


Bundle 1: 20 lessons for RMB 3200 + RMB 200 coupon for future booking

Bundle 2: 40 lessons for RMB 6000 + RMB 300 coupon for future booking

Bundle 3: 80 lessons for RMB 11600 + RMB 400 coupon for future booking



• VIP Membership
• 200 private online lessons for only RMB 26,000 
(org. price RMB 40000)
• Get 4 weeks of free shared accommodation if you decide to study on-site
• Lessons have no expiration date.


What does the Online Chinese Course entail?

In our regular online Chinese course we teach you the four fundamental aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing of pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters while helping you focus more on practicing conversations. These skills are integrated and taught simultaneously.

How long is each class and how flexible it is?

Each online class is 45 mins.

Students could do 2-10 or more lessons a week, it’s minimum 2 lessons a week recommended to make steady progress.

Lessons are available on either weekdays or weekends and we are able to match teachers’ timetable for all time zones.

How many students are in one class?

It’s a one on one online class.

2-6 students’ group are available if you will sign up together with friends or family, provided you are in the same or similar levels and will be able to attend lessons at the same time.

Who will be my teacher?

We only allow fully qualified teachers with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to guide you. All our teachers have prior experience in teaching in order to help you learn Standard Chinese. The key difference between us and other schools is that we guarantee that a professional teacher will teach you and not just a native speaker. Our staff are professionally trained in how to break-down the course content into easy-to-remember segments, therefore, the course will suit all skill levels, ages, and learning types. We do this to ensure you make rapid improvement and enjoy your classes at Omeida!

What teaching methods do you use?

Our highly qualified teachers incorporate Western teaching methods. They use resources including textbooks, videos, audio recordings and games to make sure you enjoy learning Mandarin. This differs from other colleges where you may have to deal with large classes and course content which focuses on memorization and repetition. We ensure that you will learn quickly, so you can enjoy the difference at Omeida!

How do you determine my Mandarin level?

A placement test is given before starting your course in order to make sure you are placed at the correct level. The test is usually a video chat via Skype or wechat, takes about 10-15minuntes.

Throughout your course, your teacher will make evaluations on your progress.

What platform are you using for online teaching?

We use the app called Classin for online teaching, we need you to have your account so we could schedule the lessons for you online. We will send you detailed instructions to install and register Classin account, better use laptop or tablet for study. Make sure that the network, camera, microphone all works well.

The lessons on Classin will be recorded and saved for 3 months so students could review it after class.

Can I book online course for my kid? Is there an age limit?

We also teach online course for kids/teenager students. Classin has a lot of nice functions to make the online class attractive to kids. As our teachers will use either English or Chinese to teach, would be nice if the kids are older than 6 years and could speak and understand in English.

What are the booking procedures?

--Students Inquire.

--Students Fill out an online survey so we know your study experience/time zone/available or prefered time and frequency for study

--We arrange a placement test if students are not total beginners.

--We send instructions for students to install and register Classin account.

--We send formal quotation for the students’ interested package.

--Students book the package to start study.

Can I cancel or re-schedule the arranged lessons?

Yes, the Classin app allow our students to cancel or re-schedule the arranged lessons given at least 48 hours ahead notifications.

In case within 48 hours, students are able to apply the teacher to record the class so as to review it another time.

How many lessons do I need to take to achieve a specific level?

In average, level 0 students could reach HSK level 1 after doing 50*45minutes lessons, and another 100*45minutes lessons to reach HSK level 2, then another 200*45minutes lessons to reach HSK level 3. As online class is not that intensive as onsite study, the progress also greatly depending on individual students’ time and energy for practice after classes.

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