Part-time Chinese Courses

We understand you have other responsibilities, or maybe you would like to use the time to explore the beautiful environment, well now you can!

We get it, you fell in-love with Yangshuo

Are you a climber, pursuing your dream of climbing, but you would still love to learn the Chinese language? Or perhaps you are a mom and you have to devote all your attention to your children? Maybe you do not want to study Mandarin on such an intense level as you have other responsibilities that need your attention. Well, that is ok with us! We know you are immersed in the Chinese culture and learning the language is just one aspect of the big picture!

We consider your needs

This course is geared toward you, if you have a job or have other priorities. You are given the freedom to determine the intensity of your study with a minimum of two hours per week Mandarin study. We understand you have responsibilities and other pressures so we even can offer you the same all-inclusive package that’s given to full-time students! Now that's what I call a deal!

Course Overview

Part-time Chinese

6 Months - 1 Year

What does this course entail?

At Omeida we provide you with the opportunity to learn Chinese on a more relaxed part-time basis.
Our Part-time Chinese Course is a 6 month or 1-year program for anyone, with a limited budget or limited time.

As a student, you will have a minimum of two to a maximum of six,
45 minute long Chinese language lessons per week.

The curricullum is a set program covering the basics of the Mandarin language

Your course can begin on any Monday, at any time of the year.

How many students are in one class?

We offer small classes of 2-4 students. Maximum six students in peak seasons.

This adds value to your time and will ensure you get the quality attention you need! You will have an
interactive and engaging learning environment, designed to maximize your speaking opportunities.

Who will be my teacher?

We only allow fully qualified teachers with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to guide you. All our teachers have prior experience in teaching in order to help you learn Chinese in China. The key difference between us and other schools is that we guarantee that a professional teacher will teach you and not just a native speaker. Our staff are professionally trained in how to break-down the course content into easy-to-remember segments, therefore, the course will suit all skill levels, ages, and learning types. We do this to ensure you make rapid improvement and enjoy your classes at Omeida!

What teaching methods do you use?

Our highly qualified teachers incorporate Western teaching methods. They use resources including textbooks, videos, audio recordings and games to make sure you enjoy learning Mandarin. This differs from other colleges where you may have to deal with large classes and course content which focuses on memorization and repetition. We ensure that you will learn quickly, so you can enjoy the difference at Omeida!

How do you determine my Mandarin level?

We will place you in a class with other students at a similar level anywhere from beginner to proficient.
A placement test is given before starting your course in order to make sure you are placed at the correct level.

We will arrange your placement test at a convenient time for you, (usually via Skype) about one week before your arrival. Your teacher will then regularly evaluate your progress and may periodically move you up to a new level.

What are the requirements to apply?
As this course is aimed at the individuals who wish to study on a more relaxed time frame, you must plan to reside in or around Yangshuo for a minimum of 6 months in order to qualify for this program.

 You don’t need to be able to speak Chinese before you come, also no previous experience or qualifications necessary!

What is the cost of the course?

We take into consideration that you have very specific needs, therefore, the fees will vary depending on the duration and the course load. We provide a unique course calculation to determine your costs.

You can calculate your course fee by clicking here

This calculator includes all the benefits below.

We require that you pay a 200USD application fee to ensure your placement in our class.

Here are two examples of how the Part-time course cost could be calculated. For your reference:

The course is XXX for the first week and then depending on the length your cost will decrease"

Finally, your dream to learn Chinese in China is in reach! Once you have paid your deposit, Omeida Chinese Academy guarantees your class with no cancellations from our end.

Look at all these benefits of the Part-time Course!

Language Partner

We offer you the amazing service whereby we organize a language partner so you can practice your Mandarin after class from 5:00-6:00 pm on weeknights. We offer this service at no extra cost to you, for free!

Language partner is usually arranged on the first Monday or Tuesday after arrival, your language partner can show you around town to places such as the supermarket, West Street so that you know where to buy all the necessities such as SIM card, etc. A great way to immerse yourself in the culture right away!


This course includes a 6 months single entry student visa or a one year multiple visa for all levels. The Visa costs you occur in China are included in the course fee. We also offer you full Visa assistance to make the process as smooth as syrup!



We are here to support any needs you have from arranging transport, washing laundry, to directing you to the bank. The staff at Omeida are all fluent in English as well, so you will not feel misunderstood at Omeida We believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, so if you have anything you are unsure about take a look at our FAQ page or feel free to ask! We love hearing from you!

Cultural Immersion

Twice a month, On Wednesday nights we have a very exciting Cultural Class that is hosted by a different guest speaker every time. You will have the chance to learn about Chinese traditions and try some incredible food variations, beautiful calligraphy painting, music instruments, tai chi practice.


On Thursday evenings we have a social night where we connect with the students at the English school, we take part in events like BBQ, cocktails nights, competitions, and games.


On some Saturdays, we also arrange out-door trips to the tea plantation or rice fields!

View the Student activities.



At Omeida we will provide you will all the necessary tools to achieve your study goals. This includes all the textbooks and learning materials.

The textbooks we provide you, contain all the content we cover in class and you can keep the books afterward so you can revise what you have learned

This ensure you can gain confidence as well as peace of mind.

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An opportunity to volunteer!

You help us out, and we will help you in return! This means that we require that the volunteers provide some sort of regular service for the school, an opportunity to serve the community or showcase some of your talents and skills. The volunteer option provides students with the same all-inclusive package, except volunteers receive a discount on tuition costs and are completely exempt from the standard housing costs.
Click here for information about our Volunteer program.