As you may know, we just celebrated our Chinese New Year, or also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. It marks the first day on the Chinese calendar and every year is represented by a zodiac animal sign. The Chinese Animal Zodiac or shengxiao, which means ‘born resembling’, is arranged in a repeating cycle of 12 years. This signs repeat every 12 years and 2018 is the turn of the year of the dog. But, do you know what that means?

Chinese Zodiac

Let’s first take a brief look at the legend that originated the zodiac signs.

The story says that the ancient Jade Emperor was trying to decide which 12 animals were gonna be their guard. He sent a message to our world letting all the animals know that the earlier they would make it through the Heavenly Gate, the better rank they’d obtain.

  1. Rat and Ox. Everyone was excited about the race and Rat got up really early. There was a river on the way to the gate and the current was flowing fast, so he waited a bit to see if it’d change. After waiting he saw that Ox was about to cross so he jumped into his ear, which he didn’t care. After they made it across, Rat jumped out of Ox’s ear and dashed to the Emperor. This is how rat made it to the first place and Ox second.
  2. Tiger and Rabit. They both made it because of their incredible speed and competitive nature. Rabbit crossed the river by hopping on stepping stones. But the tiger was faster.
  3. Dragon and Snake. Dragon flew across the river and because of it’s beautify it was noticed right away by the Jade Emperor. He told Dragon his son could be sixth but he couldn’t make it that day. Snake took advantage of the situation and told the Emperor that Dragon was his adoptive father, and this is how Snake became the sixth animal.
  4. Horse and Goat. They both have a kind spirit so they let each other go first. Their politeness was noticed by the emperor so they let them be seventh and eighth.
  5. Goat, Monkey and Rooster. These three animals helped each other to get all the way there. The rooster used a raft and helped the other two to get it. The monkey and the sheep cleared the path and pulled the raft to the shore. The Emperor was very pleased with their politeness and decided to make Goat eight, monkey ninth and rooster tenth.
  6. Dog and Pig. Dog’s excuse for being late was that he needed a good bath and the fresh river from the water was too tempting. He was expected to be an outstanding swimmer but he barely made it, so he was assigned with number eleventh. The Emperor was about to call it a day when all of the sudden an “oink” was heard. It was the pig who finally made it. Apparently the pig got hungry during the race and decided to stop for a feast and then fall asleep. After taking a nap the pig continued and this is how he got to be the twelfth.

Dog’s Characteristics

This story gives us an idea of the animal’s traits and when people talk about a person’s zodiac sign, they think about the zodiac sign’s characteristics. People who where born on the years 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 are Dog and these, according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, are their traits.

  • Main traits: playful, resilient, fairness minded, very loyal, inquisitive, agreeable, determined, carefree and not overly concerned with securing power or wealth.
  • What are dogs like? Well as you already know, dogs are very loyal creatures. They always stick to their person and love to help others. A dog is also very positive but sometimes it worries a bit. They are also well known for being honest, friendly, faithful, smart, straightforward, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Dogs live very rich inner lives. For them is very important the personal aspects of basic human life. Is often that they get lost in thought, appreciate the options that they encounter every single day, and can often entertain themselves for hours on end with puzzles and other brain teasers.
  • Lucky Color: Black, Yellow Brown
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 7, 8
  • Lucky Directions: North, Southwest, West, Northeast