‘Fu’ Chinese Character: Symbols of Luck

‘Fu’ Chinese Character: Symbols of Luck


To celebrate one of the most important festivals in China, Omeida Chinese Academy organized a series of activities both rich in content and entertainment. In the morning, we talked about Chinese New Year’s customs and the meaning of the ‘Fu’ Chinese character.



What does Fu in Chinese mean?

The Chinese character “Fu” means happiness, blessing, and good fortune. Calligraphy enthusiasts write Chinese character Fu, or blessing in English. People across China have the tradition to paste new red couplets to greet the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Feb. 5 this year.



Students show their handwritten Chinese character “Fu” to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.


Some students might struggle at first and find it difficulty to do this, but once you gain the confidence and courage, its a piece of cake for them, they are loving it.



All the students from Chinese Academy gathered in front of school and showing their piece of work.