Student Life

Want to know what student life is like at Omeida? Here you will be in safe hands. Yangshuo is an excellent place to live and study Chinese. There are many local and international cuisines, a variety of accommodation and many activities to explore and immerse yourself in!

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We offer a variety of different rooms for you to choose from, all our options are spacious, clean rooms, 2-10 minute walk, air conditioning, heating, internet access and fully furnished!


We serve authentic Chinese meals in the canteen on campus from Monday to Friday. This is convenient and there is a large variety of food. Alternatively Western cuisine is readily available in Yangshuo!


A locus of social activity from morning to night, the Omeida Cafe is a friendly place to finish homework, strike up another conversation in Chinese with staff or English school students, or plan a weekend activity with new friends.

Student Activities

We offer many different student activities to cultivate an exciting student life and immerse you in the Chinese culture while you study with us. From Cultural classes on Wednesday to Saturday outings.


Simply put, Yangshuo feels like a town from a fairy-tale. Nestled between two rivers and countless mountains, the scenery is debated to be the most beautiful in all of China. And, safely away from China’s urban centers, Yangshuo also boasts some of the country’s cleanest air.

Language Exchange

We connect our international students with native Chinese students as Language Partners. You have so many opportunities to interact with your language partner(s) to practice the Chinese language you learned in the classroom.