Student Activities

We boast with one of the most amazing outdoor environments! Come see the beauty and experience the thrill of scaling one of the karsts.

Student Activities

The students the come and study at Omeida always say it is like being on an educational holiday! We boast with one of the most beautiful environments in the entire China! Immerse yourself in the culture and come and enjoy the variety of activities we organize! We also offer a cozy lounge for a rainy day to watch some movies!

Cultural Activities

Every two weeks, there is also a free cultural activity on a Wednesday afternoon, after class for you to learn about traditional Chinese practices. The cultural activities include classes for Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Cooking, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, the art of tea-making, and paper cutting.

These classes provide you with an excellent opportunity to practice your Chinese language skills in real-life situations and learn more about China.

Sports Activities

Daily after school out-door sports activities include Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Foosball and even Tug of war sometimes. We sometimes have team challenges where you can show us your skills. Do not forget you are in the most attractive environment in well, China! So you will really make the most of the blue skies and great weather in summer. So you can rent a bicycle and ride to the Yu-Long river side to explore the beautiful scenery. If you are adventurous you can hike up a mountain to see the sun set.

Saturday Outings

Often on Saturdays, we organize day-long outings that students are welcome to attend.

This typically will be either a sightseeing tour into the surrounding countryside and nearby villages or activities such as bike riding, caving, rafting, or hiking (lunch is normally provided).

There is a small charge (usually between RMB20-300 including transportation, tickets, or accomodation if applicable) for the weekend excursion.

Student Lounge

We provide a comfortable environment on campus. Omeida is your home away from home. The student lounge is a communal area for students to talk with language partners and to watch movies in the evenings after class or on weekends. Students are welcome to use the area to do their homework as well.

Social Nights

Every Thursday night we have our "social night." It is free for students to attend and includes activities such as BBQs, cocktail nights, competitions, and games. Food and drinks are provided. The social night is a great way to make new friends and practice your Mandarin!

Class Dinners

Once a month, we organise a class dinner for all the students to experience a huge Chinese buffet together. We try a new traditional Chinese restaurant every month to experience the cuisine and talk about the delicious food. We also go dutch on the bill so it allows everyone to try something of everything!