Volunteer in China

We understand you have other responsibilities, or maybe you would like to use the time to explore the beautiful environment. Now you can while volunteering in China!

Volunteer in China - Intensive Chinese Course

in Rural China

If you are an English-speaker, you can help support students at our partner English Academy by engaging in conversation session. Sounds simple on your end, but to English-language students in small-town Yangshuo where there are not many foreigners, 1-2 hours of conversation practice is a rare treat that helps in abundance with their education. You will be giving them an opportunity to practice what they can only learn from a classroom and through media.

Best of
both worlds

Since this is a language exchange, you may learn quite a bit more about Chinese language and culture that is not written in books, and instead through native Chinese-speakers. Especially combined with taking Chinese lessons, being a volunteer in China is a great supplement to your studies, which we can support even further by offering discounted tuition fees, free accommodation and free meals!

You will find many language partners, also life-long friends.

Chinese music - student activities

This is an opportunity
of a lifetime!

Volunteering in China is an opportunity of a lifetime! This volunteer program provides you with a chance to experience ‘real’ China and get some international work experience. You will also meet many Chinese students who are learning English, so you can ask any burning questions like “What is the translation of Coca-Cola in Chinese?” and “Does the Government really make it rain?”

Do You Have Questions?

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