This Wednesday, Chinese Academy organized a class dinner in Chunji Roast duck restaurant. Influenced by Cantonese cuisine, Guilin cuisine is usually light-flavored, tender and fresh. For travelers in Guilin, you may encounter lots of characteristic delicacies out of your expectations, such as Beer Fish, Stir-fried Escargots and Roast Goose in Lotus Leaf. Unlike big metropolises Beijing and Shanghai, in Guilin RMB10 is enough for you to taste the most authentic Rice Noodle or Matigao Cake, and hustling foods streets would bring you a native-like dining experience.Chunji Roasted Goose Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Guilin, where locals like to have meals or arrange banquet. Roasted goose is a special dish in this restaurant. Besides, people also have many local foods here. There are several branches in the city for you to have meal conveniently. As a traditional dish of Guilin, stewed duck with gingko is considered to be a delicacy full of nutrition and freshness. Light-flavored, the duck is stewed with gentle heat for a long time so that the original scent of ingredients could come out and the nutrition would not be damaged.As its name implies, ‘Chinese Toon Roast Goose’ Restaurant is famous for its roast goose with fine colors and flavors. The specialty is popular because of its crispy skin and fresh meat, and it tastes good, fat but not greasy.The restaurant is decorated simply but it provides a pleasant atmosphere through its clean and tidy environment and considerate service. What’s more, the deserts here are unique and delicious.

The grilled squid taste divine! I highly recommend you to try this special dish.

Happy stomach, Happy family, Happy Chinese Academy!