Class Dinner in Chunji Roast Goose

  • April 25, 2019

Another Food gathering at Chunji Roast Goose restaurant, This Wednesday, Chinese Academy gathered together for a class dinner. It is a good opportunity for people to communicate and build a bound outside their class room.Good, local food in China often comes with a noisy environment, and that’s true here, so be prepared to share your table with others, or come early to avoid the crowds. The Roast Goose and Sweet Taro with Sesame are obviously the favorite dish by students, also the Steamed creamy custard bun added the final touch to the whole meal.If you’re ready for a truly local experience, look no further than Chunji Roast Goose. No surprises here: this Cantonese restaurant serves exactly what it says on the facade. Done in a style reminiscent of Beijing duck, the geese are roasted in a charcoal oven, until the skin is crispy and the meat deliciously succulent.

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