Climb the TV Tower-Watching the Sunset

  • January 29, 2019

This Wednesday, Chinese Academy Organized an Activity to went outdoor and limb the most famous TV tower in yangshuo. Most people who come to Yangshuo see the Yangshuo TV tower perched up on a central karst mountain. What most people do not know is that you can hike up and get some stunning views from the tower its self. It take about half an hour on some pretty steep steps but once you get to the top it is really worth it. Yesterday some of our teachers and students visited the tower. They even practiced some yoga on the top.There is a relatively steep 30 minute hike, but at the top is a view which is well worth it. Just knock on the gate which reads “no visitors” and bribe the lady who babysits the tower with a few Yuan and she will let you in. Go at sunrise or sunset for the best views, we went at sunset and the place was actually fairly crowded.

Only a few people know about this wonderful place. It is a secret path. We went to see the sunset together, and here we are! Let’s climb!

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