Eighth Broadcast Gymnastics-中学广播体操

  • April 18, 2019

You are not a real Chinese if you never heard of the Eighth Broadcast Gymnastics. This wednesday, Chinese Academy had a culture class about the most classic high school gymnastics.广播体操(also called as Broadcasting Gymnastics)is a popular physical exercise in china mainland, japan and taiwan. It originated from the US, as an essential part of health care and fitness business. after that, the Japanese government try to promote it aiming to inprove the average level of citizen’s well being physically and mentally. The very first Gymnastics created at 1928, and broadcasting by NHK .In china, there are 10 series of broadcasting gymnastics, the one the 90s doing at school is the classic Eighth Broadcast Gymnastics. our student s very excited about this topic and very eager to learn.Look at those moves, what a great job!

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