You are currently viewing Exploring Beautiful Fuli Bridge in Yangshuo, China

Exploring Beautiful Fuli Bridge in Yangshuo, China

Exploring Beautiful Fuli Bridge in Yangshuo, China

Student group

Omeida Chinese Academy and its sister English Academy organized a weekend activity to cycle from Omeida to Fuli bridge. Biking to Fuli Bridge is an easy daytime activity to do with friends and family of all ages!


There are both half-day and full-day options when biking around this area. Find a tourist map online or at your accommodation to start planning your route! Make sure to pack plenty of water, as the trek could get long. Once you’re there, you’ll spot many food stalls and locals hanging around the bridge fishing.

About Fuli Bridge

Fuli Bridge

Fuli Bridge is our favorite old style bridge in the Yangshuo area. Located within the boundaries of Baisha Town, Fuli Bridge was built over 500 years ago in the Ming Dynasty. The bridge measures 30 meters in length, 10 meters in height and 5 meters in width. The bridge is made of stones and is located at upstream of the Yulong bridge over the Yulong river. Single-arched stone bridges were a common type of bridge built in ancient China due to their strength and sturdiness. Like many of them, the Fuli Bridge has survived thanks to its high resistance to weathering.

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This area is very rural and quiet. Although it is located only a short distance from the very touristy and popular Yulong Bridge, the Fuli Bridge is a barely visited gem. Very few travelers come here. Those who do usually have the stunning stone arch completely to themselves. Sometimes, children from the neighboring villages come here to swim in the shallow pools, squealing and jumping in over and over again in their clothes.

Students loved it

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Language exchange

This was also a great opportunity for our students to improve their language skills. Our group activity allowed everyone to exchange cultures, make friends, and build connections. Learning outside classroom is essential to master a language.

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Even if you’re miserable when you saddle up, cranking through the miles to Fuli Bridge will lift your spirits. However, events like these do not happen without detailed preparation and planning. Also, without volunteers it would not have happened at all. Thanks to everyone!