How We Celebrate Lantern Festival-BBQ&Lantern Show

  • February 20, 2019

The Chinese Lantern Festival falls on Tuesday this week, English Academy organized an BBQ for everybody gathered together to celebrate and encourage our students to mingle with students from English Academy.

BBQ is always a good opportunity to bound with people and practice your Chinese. Lantern Festival, also called Yuan Xiao Festival, holiday celebrated in China and other Asian countries that honours deceased ancestors on the 15th day of the first month (Yuan) of the lunar calendar. The Lantern Festival aims to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. The holiday marks the first full moon of the new lunar year and the end of the Chinese New Year (see Lunar New Year). After the BBQ, there is a big lantern show in yangshuo park, many people go there to appreciate the colorful lantern as well as the famous riddle.if you get the riddle right, there is a big prize for you.

Lantern riddles are riddles that were written on the lanterns that are displayed during the Chinese Lantern Festival or Chinese middle autumn festival and so on. The full name of ‘Lantern Riddles’are ‘riddles written on lanterns’.

Chinese Lantern Riddles People in the festival must guess the answer from a word , a poem or a phrase, guessing the riddles are as hard as fighting with a tiger, so that lantern riddles have another name – ‘lantern tigers’ .

Three essential features of lantern riddles.Unique formats: The lantern riddles consiste of three parts, the riddles, the suggest, and the answer. Different meaning: There are many different meaning in a Chinese character. If you want to get the answer of lantern riddles, you must ponder deeply with a different meansing of the words in the riddles. The answer is not repeat:There is no repeat character between the riddles and the answer. Some example of Lantern Riddles.Although lantern riddles are not as popular anymore, crossword puzzle lanterns with riddles pasted on their sides are still hung outside scholars’ homes for the amusement of their literary friends.

During the festival, houses are festooned with colourful lanterns, often with riddles written on them; if the riddle is answered correctly, the solver earns a small gift. Festival celebrations also include lion and dragon dances, parades, and fireworks. Small glutinous rice balls filled with fruits and nuts, called yuanxiao or tangyuan, are eaten during the festival. The round shape of the balls symbolizes wholeness and unity within the family.Ana and Matteo was on local television talk about their experience in yangshuo and their perspective about lantern festival. Its their first Lantern festival ever, both very curious about it. 

Obviously the playground in yangshuo park attracts Matteo more than anything else here.It is also a traditional custom to eat rice dumplings at this time. As early as the Song Dynasty over 1,000 years ago, there was such kind of food. The rice dumpling is a round ball of glutinous rice flour filled with a stuffing made of sugar and different kernels. After it is boiled, it is very fragrant, sweet and tasty. Since it is eaten on the Lantern Festival, people call it “Yuanxiao”. The Chinese people hope that everything is satisfactory (“Yuanman” in Chinese), and to eat rice dumplings on the first night with a full moon in a year is to wish that family members will remain united, harmonious, happy and satisfied.



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