Summer Camp in China

For all children and teens we offer a culture filled and exciting Summer camp in China! We make learning Chinese fun for your kids!

Learning Chinese is fun!

Omeida Summer Camp in China is an all-inclusive 1 or 2-week program aimed at kids and teenagers from various nationalities.
It is a great opportunity to come together to learn a new language.


Studies have proved that learning a second language benefits your brain and help you see the world differently. It is also proven that younger learners can pick up a new language faster and it will flow more naturally. This will open many doors of opportunities for the child as they develop.

Chinese Immersion Program

In the mornings the students learn the theory of Chinese language in a small class environment. In the afternoons they all learn about the culture together. Activities range from traditional painting, cooking dumplings to going on outings to a Kung Fu school or rock climbing.

This Summer Camp in China helps children to understand the Chinese culture and lifestyle, gain independence, make new friends and have an unforgettable experience! Let us show you that learning Chinese is fun!


Summer Camp Video

Course Overveiw

15 Lessons + 5 Cultural Activities / Week

What are the 2019 Summer Camp in China dates?

Start Dates

Summer 2019

Start Dates:July 1st, July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd, July 29th, August 5th, August 12th, August 19th


Rest of the year
For groups of 5 or more our Summer Camp can be organized anytime during the year whether it is Autumn, Winter or Spring. Contact us directly at and our team will be happy to help.

What does this course entail?

As a camper with Omeida, you will have Chinese lessons everyday, participate in various group activities covering Chinese calligraphy, cooking classes, sports activities, weekend trips to tea fields and rice plantations as well as have the chance to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most fascinating and historical cultures.

Morning:Chinese Language class from 09.25 to 12.00
Afternoon:Culture activity from 14.00 to 16.35
 Daily review from 17.00 to 18.00
Evenings:Social activity from 19.00 to 21.00*
* For kids without parent. Kids with parent/s welcome to join but not necessary.

First week
 Afternoon / Culture ActivityNight / Social Activity
Day 1. SundayArrival (airport pick-up and hostel check-in)
Day 2. MondayTraditional Chinese Sports GamesWelcome dinner
Day 3. TuesdayChinese Pottery SculptingChinese Corner
Day 4. WednesdayChinese Festivals and Making DumplingsSocial Night in English School
Day 5. ThursdayCave ExploringMovie Night
Day 6. FridayInk Blowing Painting and Kite MakingVisit West Street
Day 7. SaturdayDay trip - For example: Hiking and Ziplining
Day 8. SundayCheckout and departure
Second week
Day 9. MondayPainting/Making Chinese FansPing Pong
Day 10. TuesdayRock ClimbingTable Games
Day 11. WednesdayChinese Bamboo WeavingSocial Night in English School
Day 12. ThursdayChinese Kung FuMovie Night
Day 13. FridayChinese CookingTalent Show and Graduation Ceremony
Day 14. SaturdayDay trip - For example: Cycling in the Countryside
Day 15. SundayCheckout and departure
Please note, due to circumstances beyond our control, the summer program activities may be subject to change.
How many students are in one class?

In the mornings the students learn Chinese in small classes of 2-4 students. Maximum six students in peak seasons.

In the afternoons the students all join into one group to take part in the cultural classes, every year the students leave Omeida with new friends for life!

Who will be my teacher?

The teachers at Omeida are very excited to welcome all the Students for the summer camp and they become a mentor to them. They are passionate about making the Chinese super fun and easy for the children and are experienced in teaching. They are patient and understand that children need the time and understanding when learning something new. Our staff are professionally trained in how to break-down the course content into easy-to-remember segments, therefore, the course will suit all skill levels, ages, and learning types.

We only allow fully qualified teachers with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to guide the students. All our teachers have prior experience in teaching in order to help you learn Chinese in China. The key difference between us and other schools is that we guarantee that a professional teacher will teach you and not just a native speaker.  We do this to ensure you make rapid improvement and enjoy your classes at our school.

The teachers soon become friends with the students and not before long the students love learning Chinese!

What teaching methods do you use?

The teachers at Omeida place themselves in the shoes of the student and they are all young at heart! The teachers are energetic and they teach using interactive methods and play fun games with the students in the class. We understand that a student learns much faster when the content is delivered in a fun and exciting manner!

This differs from other colleges where you may have to deal with large classes and course content which focuses on memorization and repetition. We ensure that you will learn quickly, so you can enjoy the difference at Omeida!

How do you determine my Mandarin level?

We will place you in a class with other students at a similar level anywhere from beginner to proficient.
A placement test is given before starting your course in order to make sure you are placed at the correct level.

We will arrange your placement test at a convenient time for you, (usually via Skype) about one week before your arrival. Your teacher will then regularly evaluate your progress and may periodically move you up to a new level.

What are the requirements to apply?

Students from 12 years and older can come without a parent, however Omeida recommends that students younger than 16 years old come with an adult. Parents can join to different activity with school or kids; also school can arrange traveling around city and different activity such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.(Light Show, Massage, Bamboo Rafting, Rock Climbing)


  • * younger students (minimum age – 7 years old.) acceptable with parent or accompanying of adult
  • ** Subject to additional costs


What is the cost of the Summer Camp in China?

You can choose between one week or two full weeks of fun activities!

You can calculate your course fee by clicking here

You need to pay 200USD application fee to secure your spot.


Look at all the amazing benefits that are included in our Summer Camp in China!


Shared room with 1-3 roomates who are Chinese or English campers.
2-10 minute walk from school.
Rooms include:

  • bedding/blankets
  • 24hr hot water
  • air-conditioning/heating
  • internet access
  • free use of washing machine

View photos of the accommodation.
Alternatively private room available
100-250RMB extra per week



Summer camp cover 3 meals everyday Monday to Sunday for kids. We have a canteen where all the students enjoy a meal together.


We serve authentic Chinese meals, including vegetables, meats, rice and soups. Lunch is at 12pm and dinner is at 6pm. Alternatively, there are also many Western restaurants to choose from readily available in Yangshuo!


View the Chinese cuisine options.

Teaching Materials

At Omeida we will provide you will all the necessary tools to have a productive summer camp. This includes all the textbooks and learning materials.

The teaching materials we provide you, contain all the content we cover in class and you can keep them afterward so you can revise what you have learned

This ensure you can gain confidence as well as peace of mind.

Sports & Outdoor fun

Students have the opportunity to learn some new different type of Chinese Sports including:

  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Small sand bags
  • Jianzi
  • Foosball
  • and even take part in Tug of war

They will have an opportunity to spend time team building and to make new friends with some of the Chinese local students by taking part in the outdoor activites

Cultural Immersion

The students get a priceless experience of immersing themselves in the Chinese Culture when taking part of the Summer Camp in China.


After classes they will have the chance to learn about Chinese traditions and try some incredible food variations, beautiful calligraphy painting, music instruments, Tai Chi practice all while being here.


A great opportunity to make friends with the local Chinese students!

View the Student activities.


This course includes full Visa assistance to make the Visa process as smooth as syrup!

We are here to support any needs you have from arranging transport, helping you wash laundry, to directing you to the bank.

The staff at Omeida are all fluent in English as well, so you will not feel misunderstood at Omeida We believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, so if you have anything you are unsure about taking a look at our FAQ page or feel free to ask! We love hearing from you!

What does a typical day at camp look like?

08.00 to 08.45Breakfast in school
09.25 to 12.00Chinese lessons
12.00 to 12.30Lunch in school
12.30 to 13.45Rest time
14.00 to 16.35Cultural/Outdoors activity, for example, Kung Fu/Rock Climbing
17.00 to 18.00Daily review
18.00 to 19.00Dinner at school
19.00 to 21.00Social activity, for example, Movie night

Are you ready to have some fun!?

We are so excited to help you make learning Chinese easy and fun!

What are you waiting for? Hop over to our apply page so we can start getting everything ready for you!

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Organized groups!

If you are planning to enroll with more than 5 people we have special discount prices tailored for you! So please contact us for further information.

Come to Omeida for the summer to create memories of a lifetime! The more friends you bring the more fun you will have!