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Language is culture, language is people, language is art, language is history, language is ethnicity, language is geography, language is beauty, language is EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY. Above all, learning Chinese online is fun!

Over a billion people speak Mandarin in China alone, that’s one eighth of the population of the world. Just let that sink in for a moment.

When should I study Chinese Online?

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If there was ever a moment to learn Mandarin online, that time is now. So, seize the day! Join us online at Omeida Chinese Academy. It is one of China’s foremost Chinese language learning schools. Highly qualified Mandarin teachers will create a bespoke program, to enable you to study Mandarin online with ease and confidence.

Omeida’s experienced instructors all have a solid background in online teaching. Our school has developed highly praised online Chinese courses to enable you to learn Mandarin online. All from the comfort of your own home or anywhere!

What is the Guarantee that I will Learn Mandarin Online?

Our guarantee? You will learn Mandarin at a pace that suits your particular level, your needs and expectations. It can be done through our user-friendly online tools that closely replicate face-to-face interaction. The tools are also customizable to fit your Chinese study into your day to day activities and offers pocket-friendly prices. Our online Chinese Language Courses will enable you to improve and practice your Chinese language skills. A dynamic, highly instructive live lessons that offer the added benefit of allowing you to socialize. It will also allow you to connect with an international community.

Omeida Chinese Academy against the Competition

With so many language academies being forced to adopt online learning programs this year, the Mandarin school in China Omeida Chinese Academy, with twenty years of experience in Chinese language study, was better positioned than others to adapt to the challenges of assisting our students to learn Chinese online.  We offer courses using state of the art Classin software. The interactive teaching platform of Classin was designed specifically to meet your needs as an online learner. In addition, we provide plenty of online self-study materials that will allow for further learning outside your virtual classroom.  

The ambition to learn Mandarin online is well supported by recent industry research. Respondents stated their three main preferences for online learning were.:
1. the ease and advantages of learning from the comfort of your own home, 2. flexible timetable and;
3. lower costs entailed.

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Is Learning Online the Same as Learning Onsite?

We are not, for a moment, suggesting that learning Mandarin online can match the fully immersive experience of doing so at the school itself; just take a few minutes to cast your eyes fully over the website, our stories and videos, and read some of our testimonials to gain a flavour of the wide variety of courses, student activities, and so much else that learning Chinese onsite offers students. Rest reassured that should you be planning to take a trip to China in the near future in order to study Mandarin, our school is fully open and welcoming new students.

However, should you currently be making plans to learn Mandarin online, we promise to provide you with a truly unforgettable and unmatched learning experience that will be tailored precisely to your levels of competency and expectation. Why not signup today for a free trial class? We promise you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about Omeida Chinese Academy here