Last week, Omeida Chinese Academy organized a student activity for dumpling making. In Chinese culture, dumpling (jiaozi) is a traditional food. Chinese people are very associate with it. There are several key words related to dumplings in my mind: wealth, family union, festivals (happiness and celebration), and delicacy. Dumpling is a broad classification for a dish that consists of pieces of dough (made from a variety of starch sources) wrapped around a filling or of dough with no filling.

Miriam and Laura are having fun making dumplings. Miriam is vegan, so we prepared only cabbage and corn fillings, she really enjoy it. we make the dough and ingredient ready, the students are the creates to bring them together.

How to make dumplings?

The first step to throwing a successful dumpling party starts the day before with buying the ingredients and making the filling. If you have a decent pantry, you should already have most of what’s required but still, here is everything you will need to throw a medium-sized dumpling party.Once you have all your ingredients, get cracking on the filling.

On a big table set out the bowl of filling, the wrappers, a few spoons and bowls of water. Bring up the sides of the wrapper, press and pleat the edges to seal in the filling. Lift each dumpling by the pleated edge, transfer to the baking sheet and press down lightly to flatten.Wet along the edge, and then, starting from the top and moving towards one edge of the dumpling, fold the top layer of the wrapper onto itself. Repeat this going towards the other edge. The end product should look like a ribbon going across the top edge of the dumpling.

Look how happy Miriam is to make her first plate of dumplings!!!!

put the dumplings into boiling water, and watch them boil, at least 3 times.

This is our Chinese teacher Vicky, she is very good  at cooking .The beauty of the dumpling party is that there doesn’t have to be distinct phases. You can just keep eating them while also making more.

The act of preparing the meal together, there’s a sense of unity and it bonds people, and part of the beauty of Chinese cooking is that you just cook by feel. look Margret and Dan are happy eating it while making more.

A Chinese teacher from North just made these dumplings, which looks quite unusual. it shapes like pancake, called 韭菜盒子jiu cai he zi. They look different but delicious to eat.

How pretty they are!

Lets check out the finial look, it looks delicious. lets made by our students, mixed with love and friendship.