Our Story

Have a look at the incredible journey we have traveled until now.


Omeida English Academy

  • April 2001

Omeida English College, our father school was established by Mr. Odar the Founder.

April 2001
February 2008

Omeida Chinese Academy

  • February 2008

Omeida Chinese Academy, the Chinese school for foreigners, was launched.

Lonely Planet

  • June 2011

Lonely Planet Recommendation

June 2011
October 2016


  • October 2016

Celebrated 15 Years!


  • January 2016

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

January 2016
June 2016

Summer Camp

  • June 2016

Omeida welcomed the first group of summer camp children to the campus in Yangshuo.

Our Staff


Principal of Omeida

Odar believes in the famous Chinese proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” He also strongly believes that it’s never too late to learn and it’s important to always be yourself. HELP OTHERS, HELP YOURSELF!



Anya started working as a professional course consultant to find the right course for students, she is now in charge of the overall administration of Omeida Chinese Academy. Anya is friendly and patient. She aims to make your learning experience at Omeida very comfortable.


Teaching Supervisor

Wency loves teaching, she is patient and passionate about her work. She caters to different students by using a variety of teaching methods. Wency hopes that she will help students to understand the historic Chinese culture and learn to live it out and love it!


Course Consultant

Elaine comes from Guilin, near Yangshuo. She is good at listening and willing to help others with their problems. She is available to answer any of your questions about the school. Elaine will also help you every step of your transition to get to our school.


Student Services

Nissa comes from Jilin and believes that attitude is everything! She likes traveling and has a lot of experience traveling in China and other countries. She is happy to make friends with foreigners. Nissa is glad to help you in your Chinese language study and life in China.


Chinese Teacher

Zhuge never expected to be a teacher but now she loves teaching Chinese. When students make progress in their study, she shares their happiness. She says she sets her heart and soul into her teaching, so her life is full and happy. “Teaching is the most brilliant career under the sun.”


Chinese Teacher

Icy is skillful in using newest teaching methods. She never forgets the joy of learning a new language and enjoys every class creating an atmosphere of happiness and openness, because she believes students can make best progress in a positive environment.


Chinese Teacher

Vivian graduated from Guangxi University in 2014 with a major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Vivian tries to create an easy and happy learning atmosphere in the class where students can really enjoy learning Chinese. “Work is the important way to get happiness.”


Chinese Teacher

Twelve is from Xingping, an ancient town 35km away from Yangshuo. He is keen on Chinese culture especially Chinese calligraphy, national musical instruments, and is even an avid Beijing Opera performer. ‘Help others, help yourself’ has always been Twelve’s motto.


Chinese Teacher

Mandy is from Northeast China and graduated from Shenyang Normal University. After graduating, she taught Chinese in Beijing for five years, helping foreign students reach their language goals. She believes the best teacher is a student’s own self-interest.


Chinese Teacher

Sharon has been teaching for several years. She is outgoing, passionate, and helpful. Through studying and traveling abroad, she has a great awareness of different cultures. She hopes her students will find beauty in the Chinese language as they improve their skills.



Chinese Teacher

Ania is from Chengdu, located in Southwest China. Having spent a year teaching Chinese in Warsaw, Poland, she is passionate about sharing new insight into getting to know China. She’ll be able to contribute well in helping students to meet their learning goals, and providing them with a wider perspective of Chinese culture.


Chinese Teacher

Leah is from Baisha, a town not far from Yangshuo. She has taught Chinese for three years and a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as Second Language. She is patient and enthusiastic, loves teaching Chinese, and looks forward to her language students learning well.



Chinese Teacher

Yuri is from beautiful Yunnan province. She has been teaching for several years and aims to create a relaxing and fun class environment to let her student improve easily and happily. Yuri is a peaceful person who’s always curious about life wisdom. She enjoys making friends with students.