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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo


Last Saturday, Omeida Chinese Academy organized an activity to go rock climbing in Yangshuo at Swiss Cheese Wall. Swiss Cheese Wall is nice little crag. As of mid-2011, it comprises two sectors offering single pitch climbs over a wide grade range. Bamboo stands located at the base of the crag offer all-day shade for belaying and relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere.

This map of rock climbing in Yangshuo is great tool to find your way around.

The original Right Hand Wall has climbs in the lower to intermediate grades and is riddled with holes and scars and is aptly named Swiss Cheese because of its distinctive appearance. The recently developed Left Hand Wall provides more difficult, thin, fingery climbs on a vertical wall. The crag is however very popular with people rock climbing in Yangshuo and can at times resemble West Street.



They can not wait to try already, JuanJo and Raymond are doing warm up and stretch their body before they went up there. The right side (eleven routes from grades 4-6a) is THE destination for beginner climbers and guided groups, so don’t come here for solitude.

It offers shade in the bamboo at the base of the wall and is southeast facing. Thus the climbs will be in the sun early and don’t into the shade until very late in the day. Advanced climbers chose the middle way to go up. Also, bamboo provides much-appreciated shade at the base of the cliff, especially from late morning to early afternoon. It’s advised to climb here before midday or from late afternoon till dark as even on the most modest of climbs can feel considerably harder in the sun.



Anzelle from South Africa. She had never tried rock climbing in Yangshuo before, she did a pretty good job as her first time climbing. She went on 4 different crags. The feeling of conquering and confidence in yourself is the key to reaching to the top successfully.



Margret (in black shirt) and Taline are experienced climbers. They each had 4 and 2 years rock climbing experience. They brought their own gear and they looked like a spider woman crossing rocks.

Set back from the familiar sounds of busy roads and near-deafening bus horns, one of the quickest crags to get to provides a quiet and remote feeling despite barely leaving the town.


First Timers Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Unless your name is Bear Grylls, Ibrahimovic Zlatan, or someone with an equally tough pair, you’ve probably faced some challenges in your life that you never thought you could conquer. Challenges, such as this rock wall. But the truth is, every wall presents a different challenge and every step that you take to conquer a route or problem, is a victory in itself.

Still skeptical? Try conquering a high wall at a gym near your house today. Even climbing to the top of the easiest wall presents a great confidence booster.



Rock climbing is a sport that allows you to easily track your improvements. There are so many skills to acquire and muscle groups to strengthen that you can always be improving something. This sport is very rewarding for beginners all the way to the elite, professional climbers.

There’s a reason why bouldering routes are known as “problems”. Rock climbing is a great way to train your problem-solving skill. In particular, your focus. In rock climbing, there is no other goal other than to scale up the rocks in front of you in the quickest, most effective way possible. Feel tired? Fingers about to cramp? Hit the wall? Take a deep breathe and focus your energies away from the fatigue. Try again.


The Social Aspect

Rock climbing, especially in a gym, is a very social sport. There’s plenty of downtime while you’re resting between climbs. So it’s very easy to meet other people if you hang out at climbing gyms. I’ve met realtors, graphic designers, web designers, architects, land surveyors, medical students, engineers, massage therapists, nurses, photographers, and firefighters all in the same climbing gym. So, if you’re looking for a workout partner or maybe just a diverse group of friends, go hang out at your local climbing gym. You’re bound to meet some amazing people.


With rock climbing, you have built-in conversation starters. It’s hard to break the ice and start conversations with strangers. But with rock climbing, you could offer to belay another person. You can discuss a route that one of you is about to climb. You can offer tips and encouragement to climbers on the wall. Rock climbing is a social sport, so expect to talk to new people. After all, you need someone to belay you. You can return the favour by belaying them too.


All of us enjoyed it so much. Whether you are a starter or an avid climber, rock climbing always bring people closer. If you’ve ever played a game with levels, then you know how exciting it can be when you work really hard to accomplish a goal and finally succeed.

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