Saturday Activity-Cycling to LiuGong

  • May 13, 2019

Last Saturday, Chinese Academy and English Academy organized a trip to LiuGong. Liugong Village situated at the downstream of Li River, belongs to Puyi rural area of Yangshuo County, Guilin. The village has a history of 350 years. In the inconvenient land transportation in the past, most of the large cargo was delivered through waterway. So, Liugong Village was a collecting and distributing center in old time. Circumstances change with the passage of time. The village was remained but the prosperous scene was gone. Visitors may track the old glory from the ancient magnificent architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty. In the period of Northern Expedition (1926-1927), Sun Yat-Sen led the troops coming upriver and passing through the village.
There are around 100 households in this village. The architecture here still followed Chinese traditional style, like white wall, grey tile, quartzite threshold, wooden doors and windows. Thanks to the remote location, the village was well-preserved and seldom has visitors. Local prestigeous scenic spots are Liushui Rock, Liugong Three Ponds, Golden Lion Rock Driking Water, Wenchang Pavillion, Deyue Tower, etc. The best time to visit LiuGong is from April to October. During this period, the landscape is absolutely stunning, and the weather is very comfortable. It is a good idea to cycle to LiuGong villiage, it is 13k from yangshuo, located in the countryside, however, there is no direct bus, so renting a bicycle is a good option.There are a few great options for a snack or lunch in Liugong, one of the small local restaurants is built on a platform over the banks of the Li-river with truly amazing views over the karst landscape at one side and the traditional Ming Dynasty village itself.Strolling in the Liugong village, you will feel as if you walk along the lane in the ancient Chinese literature. The buildings are simple yet solemn.Three Color Pond is the most fascinating attractive views in Liugong village, which is consisted of three small deep ponds. Surprisingly, the colors in the pond are different from each other, one is bluish yellow, one is emerald, another is muddy. There is an ancient legend about the pond: A rich man often ill-treated his servants, so he was punished by the deity by sank his house to hell. At the former address of the house, there were formed the Three Color Pond, each pond separately stand for the rich man’s principal room, the kitchen and the stable.

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