Saturday Morning Rides

  • October 30, 2018

Last Saturday, Chinese academy and English Academy organized an activity together, we decided to cycling from Omeida to Fuli bridge. we started from 9AM and ends around 3PM.To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical activity can help protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis. Riding your bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment.Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. You will breathe deeper, perspire and experience increased body temperature, which will improve your overall fitness level. The Saturday rides are offered to improve individual and group riding skills and to promote the sport of bicycling. We do not ride when weather conditions are unsafe or if there is an special event on Saturday. Cycling is a good way to control or reduce weight, as it raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, cycling must be combined with a healthy eating plan. Cycling is a comfortable form of exercise and you can change the time and intensity – it can be built up slowly and varied to suit you.Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by regular bike riding. This is due to the effects of the exercise itself and because of the enjoyment that riding a bike can bring.Cycling can help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.Scientists at Stanford University have found that cycling regularly can protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation and reduce the signs of ageing.Also, this is a great opportunity to improve your speaking with Chinese students, and so culture exchange, making friends, and build connections. learning outside classroom is essential to master a language. Also, a 2013 study found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow in the brain rose by 28 per cent, and up to 70 per cent in specific areas. Not only that, but after exercise, in some areas blood flow remained up by 40 per cent even after exercise.Fuli Bridge is our favourite old style bridge in the Yangshuo area.The bridge is made of stones and is located at upstream of the Yulong bridge over the Yulong river. This area is very rural and quiet.But although it is located only a short distance from the very touristy and popular Yulong Bridge, the Fuli Bridge is a barely visited gem. Only very few travelers come here and those who do, usually have the stunning stone arch completely to themselves. Sometimes, children from the neighboring villages come here to swim in the shallow pools, squealing and jumping in over and over again in their clothes. Once in a while, a farmer crosses with a heavy load on his shoulders or a motorbike whizzes past, but otherwise, the stunning landscape around Fuli Bridge is completely tranquil. Only seldom do the bamboo rafts make it this far upriver and there are no coach tours to be seen and thus, it’s a great idea to imitate the locals and hop into the cool water for a peaceful swim in the dragon river.Regular, everyday cycling has huge benefits that can justify you binning your wallet-crippling gym membership.And as you get fitter, the benefits are more profound. One recent study showed that cyclists who incorporated fast intervals into their ride burned three-and-a-half times more body fat than those who cycled constantly but at a slower pace.The social side of riding could be doing you as much good as the actual exercise and health benefits. University of California researchers found socialising releases the hormone oxytocin, which buffers the ‘fight or flight’ response.Even if you’re miserable when you saddle up, cranking through the miles will lift your spirits. However, events like these do not happen without detailed preparation and planning and without volunteers would not have happened at all. Thanks to everyone.

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