Spring Festival Activity-Making Dumplings Together

  • February 7, 2019

On 5th, Chinese Academy made dumplings together, it is a tradition to eat dumplings on the first day in new year. Chinese dumplings (Jiaozi) are a traditional food, an absolute must for holidays in Northern China. Since the shape of the dumplings is similar to ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots, they symbolize wealth.In North China, almost everyone is skilled in the art of making dumplings. Traditionally, the members of a family get together to make dumplings on New Year ‘s Eve. If you visit Beijing’s hutongs with our itinerary, you may be invited by a local family to join in their dumpling making. It is a ritual that requires team work and there is a job for everyone.One person is responsible for making the dough and skins, another for the filling, and the rest will help wrap. You will be amazed how fast they can wrap them and how attractive they turn out. The event is a fun party filled with laughter and happy conversation. The best part of all is the satisfaction of sitting around a table with family and friends and enjoying the jiaozi you helped make.Dumplings are traditional Chinese food. On the lunar New Year’s Day, most families make a lot of delicious dumplings. To make them, we can follow these easy steps.The first step is to mix the flour(面粉) with water. When the dough(面团) is ready, we can begin to make dumpling wrappers(薄皮). We roll the dough into small, thin and round pieces so that they can be easy to cook. Then it’s time to prepare the filling(馅), usually, we use meat such as beef or pork, and some vegetables for filling. Remember to cut these things into small pieces, put some salt and oil into it and mix them.When all these are done, we can start making dumplings. First put a spoonful of filling in the center of the wrappers. Then stick(粘) the two opposite sides together. The best shape of dumplings is like a ship. When they are boiling in the pan, they look like ships sailing in the sea. The smell can make your mouth water.



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