Tea Plantation

  • January 15, 2018

七(qī) 仙(xiān) 峰(fēng) tea plantation is the only tea garden in Guilin. It was founded in 2000. Qixianfeng tea plantation is not only for tea picking but also a famous tourist area because of the special location and the tea growing there has a good quality, as well as the scenery is good, attracting thousands of people visit every year, not only for tea picking, and also for taking photos. We took our students to Qixianfeng and they are all so excited as it is the first time for them to go picking tea!

tea-plantation-yangshuotea-plantation-yangshuo tea-plantation-yangshuo

We have invited the students from English school to join us, as the saying goes “the more, the merrier”! We gathered at Omeida Chinese Academy by 9:30 am! On the way to tea plantation we talked to each other, and enjoyed the scenery out of the window, you can see a huge quantity of white plastic film cover mountain, below the plastic film is Kumquat trees, the Bailixin village that we are visiting, it is famous for Kumquat, due to the poverty in this area, the government supports them in Planting Kumquat trees in order to help their economy to eradicate the poverty, they sell to a lot of places in China, even overseas! Because of this Yangshuo got the top one of Planting cumquat.


We got a hat and basket to start out first tea picking experience. Before our student came here their teacher has already told them how to pick and chose their best one!

tea-plantation-yangshuo tea-plantation-yangshuotea-plantation-yangshuo

There are many different kinds of tea leaves and they are all found in this same tea garden! For different types of tea, people pick it in different areas, like Tieguanyin, we will choose to pick four leaves on the tree the top, for the tea tree here the best part of this kind of tea is top one or two, but you need to spend a lot of time to pick, because it is very small so you need to pick a lot of tea leaves, and you need to walk on the tea garden to choose the fresh one, in the end, you can all of this to you home and make it dry.

tea-plantation-yangshuo tea-plantation-yangshuo

Let’s drink tea together after we pick the tea, now we can test the different tea, white tea, green tea, black tea, every tea has a different taste, when we drink black tea we taste sweet potato, when you drink tea you should drink little by little, and to taste.


Omeida Chinese Academy and English School group photos! Enjoy study, enjoy the activity! That is what we did every activity, not only for fun but also for our study and make friends.


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