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When we can to Yangshuo we will be attracted by the majestic mountains and the winding Li river immediately. We knew a lot of famous places before we came here, but there are just too many people in those places. Even though the scenery is amazing, but with so many people, we have no feeling to enjoy it. Tv tower in Chinese we call 电(diàn) 视(shì) 塔(tǎ). It’s name from Signal tower. It’s the highest mountain in Yangshuo town, you can see the whole view of Yangshuo town and a continuous sea of mountains,  also meandering Li River. The most important thing is just a few people know this wonderful place. We’ve plan, to see the sunset. Here we are, let’s climb!

Tv-tower-yangshuoTv-tower-yangshuo  Tv-tower-yangshuo

This is one of the entrances to the mountain because there a lot of construction, so it’s not easy for the tourist finds this place.


It’s not easy to climb, because of the steep road, but we can walk slowly and enjoy the view. When we look up to the sky we can only see a little bit of sunshine, we may not be in time to see the sunset. In Chinese:“会(huì)当(dāng)凌(líng)绝(jué)顶(dǐng),一(yì)览(lǎn)众(zhòng)山(shān)小(xiǎo)。”It’s mean you are an ambitious person, you want to stand in the highest place to feel everything is below you, whatever how tough your front is, you’ll get over it, and to be successful.


When we reached the top, we can’t see the sunset because of the clouds. After a while the sun hides, everything became dark, The lights came on, the distant mountain was also visible by the light.



The sun has gone down, and tomorrow it will rise from the other side, every day like the same, but the wive always different every day. Sence Tv Tower has been popular more and more people would like to claim the environment has destroying little by little, we have been picked rubbish and we put some rubbish cans there, but it does not work, we hope people can protect the environment in near future!

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