Chongqing Hot Pot

  • August 31, 2017
In River Town, the author Peter Hessler not just delineates an abundance of characters in Chongqing but uses several chapters to describe its Hot Pot in details. In his eyes, hot pot is a social event for people instead of a kind of spicy food.

Last week, Yan had an interesting culture lesson about hot pot for most students. She is from Chongqing and knows how to make the best Chongqing hot pot, thus, everyone could get a better understanding of hot pot in this class.

All people stood or sat in front of the bubbling pot, gazing at the numb and spicy food, chatting and sharing anecdotes, just as Peter Hessler said, hot pot became as much a social event as a meal.

吃火锅chī huǒ guō

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