Cruise trip in Xingping

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Guilin’s scenery is the best in all over the world, while Yangshuo’s is more enchanting. A river cruise in Xingping is a great way to enter the limestone Karsts Mountains of Yangshuo.

An osprey is ready to catch its lunch. Many of the villages live along a river, in the old times, most of the villagers are fishermen. They fed ospreys to fish. Nowadays, these ospreys perform how to catch fish for tourists.

The question, of course, is why you would take the cruise above a taxi or bus to explore the landscape. That answer is easy given, the cruise gives you a completely different view on the surrounding then the bus, taxi, bicycle or hike does.

The cruise certainly gives a different view over the surrounding limestone mountains. The reflection of the weird shaped mountains can be magic.
Sometimes the weather is a bit hazy or raining which generates very different views. But it is seldom disappointing.

Fishing Village we visited after an half hour cruise. It’s famous for the traditional architectures, its 300 years long history and the visit of Mr. Sun Yat-sen and American ex-president Clinton.

Back to Xingping town, walking in the old streets and settling into the peace of the old fashions different from lively modern atmosphere is an extraodinary experience.

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