When East Meets West

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Living in a new place enriches people with life experiences and also broadens their minds. As a matter of fact, life can be compared to a long journey.

When East meets West. German enjoys sunshine a lots with some suntan lotion, while Chinese holds an umbrella. In thinking and handling there are many differences between China and Western countries. For instance, a weekend party, Chinese people would have their all friends together and get a drink and sing songs in KTV(Karaoke). For German, they prefer to having their mates or few very closed friends to spend the weekend.

Each individual deserves the right to travel and move to another place. However, a person may have culture shocks when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one’s own.

In this culture lesson, Lulu shared her stories when she was overseas. Though going through some awkward situations, these experiences about culture shocks opened her mind and made her life colorful.

Besides, fully immersing into a new environment helped her comprehend different cultures and values. There is one thing want to mention that Chinese children are taking much more care always by their family even they grew up already. Western country parent they will let their kids to be independent as soon as possible.

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