Fishing Festival

  • January 26, 2018

Every month everyone at Omeida, including students, staff and teachers, get together for dinner. This month was a bit different because it was the same day as the traditional Fishing Festival. According to the tradition, a long time ago, hundreds of bamboo rafts used to fish at the Li-river at night, giving it a majestic night view of the Li-river. In 1999, Yangshuo government held the first fishing festival, and we were part of the 18th celebration. It included square folk art performances, calligraphy, photography, and other activities such as games, chess, cycling, etc. Yangshuo TV invited us to join the bonfire party!

For our dinner we decided to dine at Chunji, which is the most popular restaurant in Yangshuo. They have really good service, atmosphere and delicious food.


When we arrived there were not many people but as the Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, and Minority Dance started, more and more people gathered. There were so many people at some point that there was ta network  paralysis! You couldn’t use your data and if you received a phone call, the connection wasn’t too good. The performance was so good and everyone was so immersed in it that no one cared  After the performance, they invited us to join the bonfire and bamboo dancing, It was really good, over hundreds of people dancing around the fire!

And of course, there was an incredible firework display!


Fireworks were really amazing and they will remain in our hearts forever! We were very lucky to be able to join this celebration since it only happens once a year. Thanks so much Yangshuo TV for the invitation, it was an amazing trip!

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