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In China we have a lot of traditional games that we used to play during our childhood. At Omeida our international students learned about these games, which are very different from their countries! It was a nice experience since it gave us a lot of wonderful memories. Folk games are not only games, but they are part of our culture and we need to carry on this heritage. On this culture lesson Vivian was our teacher and she explained to us the differences between Chinese and west childhood games.


Nowadays more and more children don’t play folk games anymore. Now they are addicted to their phone games.“王者荣耀” is the most famous phone game in China, according to statistics, 36 million children in China play this game! There is a law that stops people under 18 to play phone games. In China if you want to play Internet games you need to register you ID card. But children are smart and they use their parent’s ID card ro register the game. Unfortunately some families are so busy they have no time to take care of their children so they give their phone to them to keep them entertained. And then when they less realize their kids became addicted to a screen.

When we were young we used to play folk games with our friends. We would exercise so it was also good for your health and you could make friends. As the technology progress, people’s life became more convenient. Back in the day we used to visit our friends or talk face to face, but now even if people live in the same place they communicate through a phone instead of talking in person. Technology is deteriorating relationships, that’s why it’s important to carry on this heritage and pass it on to our children.


Different countries have similar games. However this is not just a game, for a lot of us these are unforgettable memories! Let’s carry on this heritage and don’t let it disappear.




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