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Trip to Husband Mountain

It was a great whether so that we planned to climb Husband Mountain (相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān)) on Saturday. We departed at 9:10 a.m. and started our trip to the beautiful mountain. We arrived at the entrance of the scenic area after 1 hour’s bus journey. All of the people couldn’t wait to climb Husband Mountain thus the trip began properly.

“We are coming!” Almost all the people carried a big bag which contained food and water for replenishing ourselves’ strength. Some of us reached the viewing deck at the top of the mountain quickly, but a few people were lack of exercise so that they took a longer time to arrive the viewing deck. As Hugo said, “People lack the willpower, rather than strength.” We all made it and reached the top of the mountain.

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The final target was to reach the top of the mountain, while at the same time we still found the beauty of the nature.

Made friends in such a gorgeous view is wonderful indeed. Breathed the fresh air, enjoyed the genial sunshine. Experienced the green travel.

We come from differ countries or areas. But we learnt from each other. How amazing it was when we shared our opinions and cultures.

We shared the meaning of gestures to show our love and happiness. Actually there are many gestures to show the same meaning in the world. The same gestures might show various meanings. This is the significance for us to share. Help others, help yourself.

Husband Mountain, it is called 相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān)in Chinese. There is an interesting saying about its name. Literally speaking, you will find your Mr. Right once you climb 相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān). Hope all the people can find your true love or happy forever with your family.

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