Why We Were Here?

It was a great wheaher so the Omeida team planned a trip to climb Husband Mountain (相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān)) on Saturday. We set off the beautiful mountain  at 9:10 a.m. Everyone was on time because we were all so excited. The trip took one hour by bus. It was a beautiful scenic trip with wonderful views of Yangshuo.

Almost all of us carried big bags with food and water. The really fit people reached the viewing deck at the top of the mountain quickly, but a few of us lagged behind. One of our fit students Hugo told everyone fitness  was about willpower rather than strength! Easy for him! Anyway, eventually, everyone made it to the top in their own time.

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Our aim was to reach the top, while at the same time enjoying the beauty of nature.

What Did We Do Here?

Making friends in such a gorgeous setting is wonderful. Breathing the fresh air, enjoying the sunshine and taking part in an activity that has a low impact on the environment is rewarding.

These are students at Omeida from all around the world. We learn from each other. It is amazing to share our opinions and learn from each others’ cultures.

One of the things we did was explain the meaning of gestures to show our love and happiness. There are many gestures that look the same but actually mean different things depending on where you are from. It’s really useful to learn this with friends rather than offending strangers! Help others, help yourself.

Husband Mountain, it is called 相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān)in Chinese. There is an interesting saying about its name. Figuratively speaking, it’s said you will find your Mr. Right once you climb 相(xiàng) 公(gōng) 山(shān). Hence the name ‘Husband Mountain’. Here’s hoping you all find love when you come here!

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