A walk to the Husband mountain

  • December 8, 2017

Husband mountain is located on the west bank of Li-River in Yangshuo ping town. It is about 28 kilometers from Yangshuo, 57 kilometers from Guilin. On the top of the mountain, the peaks are orderly, Li-River winds through the mountains. The light, clouds, sunrise and rosy clouds attracts numerous photographers here.


Yangshuo has two famous mountains, one is Husband mountain another one is Laozhai mountain, between these two mountains I prefer Husband mountain because the view of Husband mountain is more spectacular with the Li-river winding through the mountain. Climbing to the mountaintop is a pleasant activity to enjoy the scenery and broaden my horizon. We went to visit there on Saturday, it is very interesting that you can see different views on the same mountain.


It does not take much time to climb Husband mountain, they built a path in the middle of the mountain, so we only need 20 minutes to climb,  even it is a short time, but the road is steep and will make you a bit tired. Let’s speed up, I am really expecting an amazing view of the mountain peak.


Finally, we got the top! It was overcast!!! We can only see the mountain shadow in front of us, it is just like a traditional Chinese ink painting,  even the flat colour, but when you see the view you will still feel magnificent, and you would admire it regardless.


People never forget to take the pictures of these wonderful things, the photos are great to keep the moment and time. Time passes when you get old, but looking at the pictures all the memories and happiness will come back, and it will be as though you relive the moment again.


It’s the last week for some students study here, after this activity, some of them are going back to their countries or continue to travel, we are grateful that destiny let us meet and study in Yangshuo, I believe we will meet each other somewhere in the world, we will always welcome you back to Yangshuo.

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