A Lantern Festival

  • February 22, 2017

Cooking sweet dumplings

The Lantern Festival last week, we were invited to Shuiliu village, Gaotian town, Yangshuo having an unforgettable festival with the locals.

四毛 and 吉瑞雅 are cooking our hand made元宵yuán xiāo.
The local government has held a celebration to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Omeida English School was invited to join. For all of our foreign students, it was the first time to have a Lantern Festival celebration in a rural village. They were very excited that afternoon and could not wait to see. Will it be a Dragon dance or Lion dance on the street? Will it be a hundred-banquet in the village with natives? Will it be a local opera performance? Or what and how will it be like? Everybody carried full of questions in their mind setting out.

The village where we were going is eight kilometers far away from Yanghsuo. The people there are kind friendly to talk, to show you their home and village. Many kids were off from school for the Lantern Festival. They were a bit shy seeing a老外lǎo wài which a foreigner Chinese used to call. But they blended in with each other soon playing basketball. Children, they’re always be able to find a link between them and get a connection.

Preparing the dumplings with locals

Preparing the dumplings with locals

Some hanged out in the small village, some started to prepare元宵yuán xiāo, the food for Lantern Festival, which is made of sticky rice flour, peanut, sesame and sugar. We call it sweet dumpling.

Share and eat 元宵yuán xiāo with others, it’s the time of building good friendship.

Dou you know this lantern riddle? Which one can move faster, heat or cold?
After dinner, it was a dance competition among the villages in Gaotian town. And we were invited to join and perform. Claudia from Catalonia was showing Shaolin Kungfu and won a lots applause.

Till now, we made a deep friendship with the local people in Shuiliu village. Many of our students were asked to stay overnight at their houses. However, we had to go, but an unforgettable experience will be long lasting in a life time.

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