Longjinghe Drifting

  • September 20, 2017
Longjinghe Drifting is located in Xinping Yangshuo. It’s about 30 kilometers far from Yangshuo County and is only five kilometers away from the famous Li River. We’ve been there and had a lot of happy reminiscence last year. This weekend activity we are going to Xinping for dirfting with our English School sudents. We had to catch the last chance to drift, because of the weather of Yangshuo is dropping after a long term getting into autumn.
When we arrived there and we took a tour bus to the moutain peak, on the way to the top was really excited, a lot of  bends and uphills, the experenced driver revealed his excellent driving skills to drive us on that way.
Two people sat on the same boot, we’ve chose our partner, during this time we studied here and we met a lot of friends. OK, let’s go, it’s too impatient to wait.
Ovidio is from Romania. He has been learning Chinese for two weeks and can speak very basic Mandarin. In our study and work life, we don’t just spend time for them. We have to pay some to the leisure to relax.
It was also the first time for Vasti who comes from South Africa working at Omeida. Drifting is a challenge to many. These happy faces can stay for how long. We are not sure, because of the challenge is not an easy thing. When drifting down to the creek without any picnic and screaming. Then the challenge is not anymore a challenge, but just a case of your life.
Let’s prictice rowing for a while and wait others ready.
Here we go, because of water we can’t take too many photos, but we all won’t forget these  wonderful memories. If you are ready, then we go for it right now. It’s said that Xingping Longjing River Drifting is the most challenged drifting part in the world. When get time free, challenge yourself on a raft down to the river without screaming, then you the man.
Some beautiful things will not only be recorded  by pictures, but also can be stored deeply in our mind.

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