Merry Christmas

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Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas Day is a public holiday in many of the world’s nations. Popular modern customs of the holiday include giving gifts, completing an Advent calendar, Christmas music and caroling, lighting a Christingle, viewing a Nativity play, an exchange of Christmas cards, church services, a special meal.

Many people also take joy in displaying various Christmas decorations such as; Christmas trees, Christmas lights, nativity scenes, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, and holly. In addition, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and Christkind, are associated with bringing gifts to children during the Christmas season.


For most of the students in Omeida Chinese Academy, Christmas is family time, but for some Chinese, it is totally different. I am going to tell you about Christmas at Omeida and the Chinese Christmas!

In the western countries, Christmas is seen as a time for families to come together and spend quality time, whereas in the east like in China it is more seen as a time to go out with friends and celebrate giving gifts, like the significant Christmas apples!


Thanks to some students and teachers for helping to decorate the room!

Football is an international sport, but if you want to have a competition, you need a big ground, not many people have access to football fields in their backyards. Luckily for us, a new game was created called “Foosball”. The game’s design inspiration came from a box of matches. Harold Searles invented the game due to the popularity of football in Europe (known as soccer in the United States). Let have a competition, to see who is the best player at Omeida Chinese Academy!

We did potluck lunch, every student had to prepare a food or drink, some of them decided to cook, I was very excited to see what they were going to cook! Gingersnap, a very common Christmas snack, Cory’s family and I made some gingersnap for us all; After eating we went to play a game called Bobing, and also exchange gifts.


We have games, and also we need some food, gingersnap is an essential snack in Christmas day, during that special day how can we do without that, I bought all of the materials of making gingersnap! Everything is ready, the first one we want to make an Omeida gingersnap, let do it now!



We have sour, sweet, spicy and salty food, meat, vegetables, and fruits, that is a really traditional Chinese meal.

A real traditional way to eat is to combine opposite tastes in food that compliment each other. For example some bitter dishes and some salty dishes and others that are sweet so we can experience many different flavors together. So that you can take a break between flavors so that the spicy food is not too overwhelming.

All the Omeida Chinese students and teachers were worked together to make a lot of delicious food, when I saw the food it smelled very good, I cannot wait even for a second.

After the lunch, we were playing all key game called Bobing. Bobing is a Chinese game, it started in Xiamen city, they usually play this game in Mid-Autumn festival to get some gifts, and now we played this game on Christmas day to give gifts.


Let me tell you the rules first, we have 状(zhuàng)元(yuán) (- this means top student in the class), 对(duì)堂(táng), 三(sān)红(hóng), 四(sì)进(jìn), 二(èr)举(jǔ), 一(yī)秀(xiù) in this game, 状(zhuàng)元(yuán) is the biggest prize in the game, and 一(yī)秀(xiù) is the lowest prize, as the PPT show to us you need to throw the dice to bowl, if you get point like shown in the picture then you can get the prize, but remember if you throw it out of the bowl, you get nothing, and no second chances.  We bought a lot of gifts for the game, who was the winner let’s see…

It was very easy to get Yixiu, even it is the lowest prize, they still got useful things, after a few rounds it became quite difficult to get the biggest prize, later our teacher Vivian got the first prize, Zhuangyuan, and Cory (One of our students) got the Zhuangyuan, and his son Josh also get the second biggest prize! To celebrate, his son, Ethan give us an amazing saxophone performance, we only have two Zhuangyan.

Now all the Zhuangyuan has been collected, but we still have another prize,  the free ticket to learn Chinese cooking, Rock Climbing activity, and a free cake, those were all really useful and meaningful prizes, as the game continued, it became very hard to win any prizes. After the whole activity, we went climbing TV tower.


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