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We have many students to graduate from Omeida Chinese Academy on this month, let’s congratulate them.All our students always say they think time always flies very fast in Yangshuo, just like the saying time files when you are having fun! During this time, their Chinese was improved significantly, and they made a lot of friends at Omeida Chinese Academy. In the happy weekend activities and friends activities, we have invited many famous and beautiful place at Yangshuo, such as Liugong village, Tv tower, Yulong river, Husband Mountain, Cycling, etc. We create a lot of wonderful memories in Yangshuo. Let’s recall our memories here in Yangshuo.

graduate-student-Yangshuograduate-student-Yangshuo  graduate-student-Yangshuo

We were celebrating Omeida 16th anniversary day and joined weekend activity together, we’ve cycled and played some team building game, before the dinner Susy showed us fire dance.


Taline and Manny are both from France, also it is the second time they come to Omeida. This is where Omeida family is established and we are so pleased that you were able to join us! All the best on your journeys ahead.

graduate-student-Yangshuo graduate-student-Yangshuo

Berlinda and her son have stayed here for one week, even it just one week but we have many wonderful memories here. One week is not long but it’s will remain in our hearts forever.

graduate-student-Yangshuograduate-student-Yangshuograduate-student-Yangshuo graduate-student-Yangshuograduate-student-Yangshuo  graduate-student-Yangshuo graduate-student-Yangshuo

Let’s give a big round of applause to congratulate them graduate from Omeida. Keep learning Chinese; keep study Chinese culture; keep our relationship. Hope to see you in again my friends

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