In 2001, Omeida was founded in Yangshuo, and since then 16 springs and summers have passed. On this special weekend, we have our Omeida anniversary. We have invited former students, teachers, and staff, and we prepared activities so we can celebrate our anniversary together!

Most students came here on Friday and the first thing they did was to sign their our name on the signature wall.


We decorated the school and prepared dinner on Friday for Omeida friends. On the menu we had hot pot to welcome everyone, it was delicious! After dinner school offered some fruits and snacks, and we chatted about our activities and our future plans.

On Saturday we cycled around Yangshuo village and Yulong River. When students stay at Omeida, one of the most popular activities is to cycle and explore the area, creating un-forgetful memories of their adventure in China. After cycling we had lunch in a countryside restaurant and we played team building games. It was so much fun!

Omeida Anniversary28 Omeida Anniversary28  Omeida Anniversary28 Omeida Anniversary28

No doubt it was an unbelievable weekend. When we came back, Susy surprised us with an amazing fire dance!


We drank 油茶(yóu chá) on Sunday morning and made dumplings together. We call 油茶(yóu chá) “Chinese coffee” because it has the same effect as coffee, but it is good for your body. Gongcheng is a small county where the best 油茶(yóu chá) is made. People always drink 油茶 (yóu chá) in the morning, and just like coffee, it will give you a lot of energy before you go to work!

Omeida-anniversary-YangshuoOmeida-anniversary-Yangshuo Omeida-anniversary-Yangshuo

Time always passes by very fast, for some it’s been fours year, for other ten. At some point we all walked in as strangers and left Omeida with a new family creating unforgettable memories. The weekend went by real fast but those memories will forever stay in our hearts!