Reading Competition

  • January 25, 2018

What is reading? In order to read you must speak the words out otherwise people can not understand what you want to communicate. Reading not only improves your fluency of a language but also changes you by giving you confidence and helps with your pronunciation. Read it out loud because people would like to know about the article, so we hold the 1st Chinese Reading Competition of Omeida Chinese Academy, let see who the winner is!

Reading-Competition-yangshuoReading-Competition-yangshuo  Reading-Competition-yangshuo

As the judge said, “Omeida 1st Reading Competition” has stared, let’s welcome judges, our audiences, and our competitors Agata, Emily, Adrien, Josh, and Ethan. Who will be the champion? Let’s see!


Ethan is the first one to read, 致(zhì)橡(xiàng)树(shù) which is a poem about love written by Shuting in 1977. The way Ethan read it makes it easy to imagine a wonderful love story between the young man and a girl. Similar to a flower, so sweet and pure and fair!

Adrien and Emily gave us a very nice reading and surprised everyone with a cute funny dance. We all enjoyed it!

塞(sài)翁(wēng)失(shī)马(mǎ) is a Chinese Classical that talks honesty and Agata not only read about the story but she also prepared some interesting Chinese paper cutting!

Josh gave us  小(xiǎo)白(bái)兔(tù)白(bái)又(yòu)白(bái), a traditional Chinese song that everyone learned on their childhood.

Everyone showed their best side. It is a little bit hard to choose, but our judges have to choose who the winner is!



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