Tea culture

  • October 29, 2017

Tea is becoming more and more popular in the world, it has many benefits such as losing weight, reducing fatigue, refreshing one’s body and aiding the digestive system. Tea is a kind of leaf, many Chinese believe that it was discovered by the mythical emperor Shennong, inventor of Chinese medicine and of farming.

Some people think it starts in Qing or Han dynasty, and some people think it starts in Tang dynasty. It is said that In 2700BC, for treating peoples illnesses, the emperor Shennong tasted and recognized the different plants on a daily basis, one day when he tasted a poisonous plant he became dizzy and vomited, so he sat under the tree, he found the leaves were different from the other, he then picked some, put it in his mouth, and after a few minutes he felt better and refreshed himself.

Tea was popular in Tang and spread to surrounding areas such as Japan, North Korea, and other places! Nowadays tea trees are widely planted in various countries around the world.

Currently, it is produced in China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc.

The small green new leaves are picked to make tea. It is a tender bud that is used in a series of processes to form the final drink. The process of making considers not only to pick the leaves but also to design and incorporate the packaging, so let’s take a look.

As we learn more about Chinese culture, we have developed a strong interest in Chinese tea culture. This time we visited Guofu tea house to learn more about this culture. The boss of the house is from Fujian province, he has been staying here and selling it over ten years. He is an expert and knows a lot of things about it, it’s our pleasure to invite him to be our teacher!

Frist, we tasted Tieguanyin tea. Tieguanyin is from Fujian, that is one of the top ten,it’s the most famous and popular before, also very expensive. Tieguanyin is a kind of oolong tea and when we drink it makes us feel very great. We tried a lot different types like green te, black, yellow and white, every different type tested different, some like chocolate and some like roast sweet potato very interesting.


The boss was teaching Max how to make the tea and Max did a good job, looked very professional, the boss was taking a photo for Max.

Tea is a national drink in China, it was discovered by Shennong, and people knew in dynasty Zhou, more and more people drink in dynasty Tang, it was popular in dynasty Song, it became a national drink in dynasty Qing.

Tea culture is a mixture of Buddha, Confucianism, and Taoism, So now you can understand how important it is in our culture. It is essential when your friends and relatives visit you, it can prove how rich and important you are.

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